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New trial to address driving standards in karting

As part of a further concerted campaign to address driving standards in karting, the Motor Sports Council has agreed to an extended trial that includes the suspension of penalty points in Kart events.

The proposals, which come into force on 1st January 2013, have been drawn up in conjunction with Kart Clerks. They are designed to address issues of poor driving by ensuring that Clerks of the Course take action and deal with incidents in a consistent and fair manner, while creating a level playing field for all competitors, clubs and officials.
The details of the trial are as follows:

  • MSA General Regulations (C)2.1.5.(i) Driving and (C)2.1.5. (ii) Failure to comply with flag or light signals are suspended.

  • Clerks of the Course are required to:

    1. Issue Penalties via the “Clerks Decision Notification” as issued by MSA

    2. Apply the penalties in line with the mandatory penalty structure via the Clerks Decision Notification and the guidance provided in the “Clerks Decision Notification - Explanations” as issued by MSA

  • MSA will:

    1. Monitor the applied penalties and identify drivers who persistently offend and receive recordable endorsements so that they may be referred to the MSA Disciplinary Officer and considered for referral to the National Court under (C)1.2.

    2. Call any Clerk and/or MSA Steward who fails to follow this trial to attend an MSA Clerks/Stewards Appointments Panel.

  • Regulation (C)2.3. is extended as follows:

    • C2.3.3. At kart races a competitor, who after a hearing convened by the Clerk of the Course, is deemed to have gained an unfair advantage or has disadvantaged another competitor by the manner of his driving will be penalised by a Position Penalty of 5 places in the results of that race or timed qualifying.  This penalty may not be substituted by a time penalty nor does it preclude further action under C1.1.5. if deemed necessary after the hearing.

“The MSA believes that good driving is fundamentally important, not only from a safety perspective but also in terms of reducing costs and making sure that people have an enjoyable experience,” says Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. “These latest proposals are an evolution of the previous trial and we will monitor the results carefully. We will fully brief our Clerks and Stewards on the MSA’s expectations of this new trial, and we will take all necessary measures to ensure that the regulations are enforced with the consistency and transparency that competitors deserve and expect.”
The MSA is in the process of writing to all officials affected by this trial and the table of mandatory penalties can be found by clicking here.
24 December 2012