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MSA and Racing Steps Foundation extend partnership

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the Racing Steps Foundation (RSF) are delighted to announce the extension of their partnership for a further three years to develop young British motor sport talent.

Having supported the MSA as its official ‘educational partner’ since 2009, the RSF has played a significant role in the growth of the MSA Academy, which has already provided training and development for more than 170 young British drivers.

In addition, the Performance Master Classes, created in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, have allowed a series of short seminars to be delivered free of charge to young drivers at various championship across the country. These Master Classes, presented by trained MSA coaches, provide a great opportunity to impart basic guidance and information to drivers at the start of their careers and stress the importance of maintaining education alongside their motor sport commitments.

The extension of the contract takes the MSA and RSF relationship to the end of the 2015 season, allowing the governing body to press forward with its ambitious plans to overhaul the approach of motor sport towards talent identification and development.

MSA Chief Executive, Nick Bunting: “We are grateful for RSF’s continued support and vision, which initially enabled the MSA Academy to progress and develop in its early years. This extended contract will assist the MSA in leading the direction of the sport in this vital area; in the next three years we will see a significant shift in the way motor sport views the progress of its young drivers through the various stages of their careers.”

RSF Founder, Graham Sharp: “Great Britain is a beacon not only of extraordinary technical creativity on the race track, but also outstanding driving talent. We are pleased to be able to extend this important partnership with the MSA Academy and look forward to seeing increasing results that will help to sustain this nation’s peerless international record.”

RSF Administration chief, Derek Walters: “Just like our Olympic athletes who were mentored and trained to achieve the outstanding results of the London Olympics, successful race drivers of today need similar support in all areas of their lives. The MSA’s commitment to helping develop future young British talent is a very worthy programme to which we are happy to contribute. This year, two of our RSF drivers (Jake Dennis and Jack Harvey) are seeing the benefits of the MSA’s Academy in addition to the all-round programme of support we provide to help them have a chance of realising their dreams.”

9 August 2013