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MSA confirms new kart classes for 2014

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) will introduce three new kart classes on 1 January 2014, for an initial three-year period: Formula KGP Junior; IAME X30 Senior and IAME X30 Junior.

The new classes have passed initial on-track testing and will be introduced at club and regional levels only, with no national or British championships during their initial three-year homologation period.

These classes will be homologated for the next three years – subject to final verification – in accordance with new-for-2013 regulations designed to ensure stability in karting; no further new junior or senior non-gearbox kart classes will be introduced until at least 2017, when the next homologation period begins.

Nick Bunting, MSA Chief Executive, said: “The MSA’s new three-year homologation procedure for new kart classes is an important development, ensuring stability and consistency while allowing the sport to evolve. These new classes have met all the necessary requirements to date and we look forward to seeing them in action for the first time in 2014.”

Andy Cox, Managing Director of KGP UK, said: “We have already demonstrated engine parity and realistic racing costs in the senior version of KGP. Now a ‘junior’ can use the same KGP engine, with some power restrictions, and have continuity of equipment from Junior to Senior KGP. We think this is a real positive for a junior competitor and it keeps their costs lower for the future.”

James Mills of JM Engineering, IAME’s UK distributor, said: “We are extremely privileged to have been given this opportunity to bring the X30 to the UK market. Our goal is to bring an affordable and reliable engine built for one purpose – kart racing – giving the competitor, whether they are a leisure or professional driver, the utmost enjoyment, knowing they’re using a dedicated kart racing engine.”

21 August 2013