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MSA confirms karting ages remain unchanged for 2014

In the course of this week’s meeting of the Motor Sports Council, it was confirmed that the proposed changes to age limits in junior karting will be postponed until 2015.

The Kart Committee requested Council’s agreement to withdraw the regulations that had been approved in June 2013 that would have amended the ages at which karters could move up between classes. This followed a review which had highlighted a number of safety concerns and unintended consequences that would have resulted from the implementation of the proposed regulations.

The Kart Committee will take the opportunity not only to review the proposed ages, but also to consider other factors that should be considered when determining an individual’s suitability to compete in each category. This will result in a structure that will be based not only upon the age of the competitor but also on a ‘triple lock’ system that considers the experience, competency and weight ratio of the karter. Consequently a review of driver weight ratios will also take place.

Nick Bunting, MSA Chief Executive: “This is a very pragmatic approach from the Kart Committee. The intention of the original regulation was very clear: to reduce the age at which an experienced competitor can transfer up to a Senior Class and to ensure that young karters are on track with appropriate competitors. However, it became apparent that in order to achieve the desired result, there were other issues that also needed to be addressed. This 12 month delay will allow time for that work to be completed and will provide immediate clarity for all kart competitors for 2014.”

12 September 2013