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BMSA to promote MSA British Sprint Championship for further five years

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is delighted to announce that BMSA Ltd will promote the MSA British Sprint Championship for a further five years from 1 January 2014.

BMSA Ltd, which has promoted the championship successfully since 1999, won an open tender process launched in August 2013 to secure the Championship Title Rights. Originally formed as the British Motor Sprint Association in 1995, BMSA is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers and created primarily to organise the MSA British Sprint Championship.

Nick Bunting, MSA Chief Executive, said: “The MSA British Championship titles are the most prestigious in UK motor sport. As such, they are not bestowed lightly, and we take great care to ensure that they are placed in good hands. BMSA’s successful stewardship of the MSA British Sprint Championship over the last 14 years, combined with its proposals for the next five, leaves us confident for the future of this exciting discipline at the top level in the UK.”

Paul Parker of BMSA Ltd said: “BMSA Ltd is delighted to have retained the MSA British Sprint Championship franchise for a further five years. We will begin that period with our 2014 calendar, which is the best we have ever had; it contains the best content of any sprint championship in the UK, with 75 per cent contained within six double-header weekends. We hope that the next five years will see an upturn in the economy to enable us to grow further.

“BMSA Ltd has enjoyed the title sponsorship of SBD Motorsport since 2005, and we are delighted to announce this partnership has also been extended for a further five years.”

1 October 2013