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MSA completes Comer C50 Bambino engine homologation

Homologation of the Comer C50 has been completed ahead of its introduction as the sole Bambino kart class engine with effect from 1 January 2014.

Competitors who are already using the engine must have it validated in accordance with the homologation. The MSA has arranged for Zip Kart, the UK distributor, to carry out these validations for no more than £50 plus VAT per unit until 31 December 2013; validations will be carried out at Zip Kart’s stated rates from then on. For further information visit

Rob Jones, Acting MSA Chief Executive, said: “Bambino is a popular first rung on the motor sport ladder for many youngsters, and we’re delighted that the new sole class engine, the Comer C50, is now ready for introduction as planned from January 2014. The newly homologated unit will allow us to ensure equal and affordable equipment for competitors, and we look forward to working with Zip Kart in making the class a continued success.”

The Comer C50 homologation fiche is available at

10 December 2013