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MSA invites offers for British Rallying

Forming part of the fundamental review of UK stage rallying that was published in December 2003, the revised framework that came into effect this year to provide a clearly defined and easily understood structure for the sport, is now available for tender.

Although it is likely that promoters will tender for individual championships, it is hoped that the entire structure of British rallying from the British Rally Championship, through the MSA Gravel, Asphalt and Historic championships, to the Home Nations championships, could come under one umbrella organisation.

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association said: "The new structure, delivered after widespread consultation, is designed to strengthen the sport for the future. While these are still very early stages, we do believe that the long-term interests of British rallying would be best served by one umbrella organisation taking control to deliver an integrated, joined up package for participants, spectators, sponsors and commercial partners."

Expressions of interest should be made in the first instance to Bruce Goddard, MSA Business Development Director, who confirms that this is not a financially motivated exercise.

"There will, of course, be a financial implication to each tender," explains Goddard, "but championship rights will not simply be handed over to the highest bidder. This process is about the future of the sport and creating a strong platform, which may also assist us in developing the new breed of world-class rally stars.

Bruce Goddard can be contacted by email to