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Rallies Committee : The Review of K37, Stage Rally Cars
The Autumn Edition of Motor Sports Now carries the proposed draft regulations for the future eligibility of Stage Rally Cars. These are shown as effective from 1st January 2007 but it is emphasised that these are draft regulations and published for consultation, and that they have not been ratified by the Motor Sports Council.

New regulations proposed by Specialist Committees must be presented to the Motor Sports Council and be approved in order that they might then be published. Unless a matter of Safety, proposed regulations are then published so that comments may be received before the regulation is represented to Motor Sports Council for ratification, with any modifications resultant from the consultation process. In this case the next Motor Sports Council where ratification may take place is June 2006. It is anticipated that the majority of views will be expressed during this autumn and winter and the Working Group is scheduled to reconvene late January, early February. Comments will be reviewed and amended proposals will be published for further consultation.