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British rallying set for strong future
The newly reformulated British Rally Championship, whose championship permit was recently approved, takes its place at the head of the pyramid.

"As the revised BRC is no longer open to World Rally Cars, it should provide the sternest test of Britain`s leading rally drivers and co-drivers," says Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. "We also believe that the BRC will offer the ideal training ground for young drivers to prove their skills in anticipation of moving up to the world stage."

The strength of the flagship series, however, will be determined by the quality and support of the lower tier championships. There are only three MSA Championships at National A level: the MSA Gravel (ANCRO), the MSA Asphalt (BTRDA) and the MSA Historic (HRCR) rally championships. At National B level, the MSA English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland championships will provide the best possible step up from club championships.

"We are as committed as ever to all of the Championships," confirms Colin Hilton. "In fact, by clearing the decks and setting up the new structure, we are trying to make the progression through British rallying even more clear-cut.

"There have been changes for 2006 and beyond, designed to make the sport stronger. We recognise the hard work put in by the huge numbers of people involved in running championships and events and applaud their efforts – we depend on them!"

Only the championships that make up the rally `pyramid` as listed above will carry the MSA titles.

"It`s really important to stress this," explains Hilton. "Other events and series will always exist and are vital, particularly at Club and Regional level, but the official structure is exactly that. We cannot dictate to people where they can and cannot spend their money; likewise we cannot restrict freedom of trade for a commercial entity or the organic development of the sport.

"It is a very fine line, but I can say confidently that, at all times, decisions are taken – usually by peer groups – in the best interests of the sport."