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Cadet Formula WTP
At the ABKC Steering Group Meeting held on 22 September 2005 the criteria to be met to enable the WTP B5 engine to be introduced for 2006 were established and detailed to Mills Engineering Ltd whose representatives attended that meeting. Both the MSA and ABKC have provided full co-operation towards Mills Engineering Ltd who, to date have been unable to meet these criteria, the criteria being set to maintain levels of safety and compatability with other Cadet engines.

In the circumstances acceptance of the WTP B5 engine is now delayed until June 1st 2006 subject to the established criteria being met to the satisfaction of both the MSA and the ABKC. Should the criteria not be met by that date the introduction will be further delayed to 2007, again subject to the criteria being met.

The technical regulations for WTP remain as published in the 2005 MSA Karting Yearbook.