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Founded nearly 20 years ago, the Archive is dedicated to the preservation of the UK`s rich heritage in both national and international motor sport. Its comprehensive and ever-expanding records feature all aspects of circuit racing past and present including photography, race results, programmes, film, audio as well as many other materials covering the history of UK motor sport achievements.

"This country`s motor sport pedigree may be unrivalled but there`s a very real danger that much of our proud history will be lost if it`s not archived properly," warns Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. "While many enthusiastic individuals and motor clubs do actively preserve their own dedicated records, the Motor Racing Archive is the only central organisation dedicated to safeguarding all aspects of the UK`s rich motor sport heritage. We`ve no doubt this collection is going to become an increasingly important library and resource for all those involved in our sport in the future and that`s why the MSA feels it`s vital to support and encourage such an invaluable initiative."

The Motor Racing Archive`s founder, Martin Hadwen, is in no doubt regarding the significance of receiving patronage from the governing body of UK motor sport. He says: "It`s not just the financial assistance being offered, it`s the credibility we will gain from having the MSA as a patron. The MSA`s support will not only ensure the continuing preservation of the Archive but will help us to take the Archive to the next level in the future."

For further information about the Archive and on how you can assist, please visit the website at