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Applications invited for MSA British Rallycross title
MSA British Rallycross Championship

The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Limited (‘MSA`) is the sole FIA recognised governing body of motor sport in the United Kingdom. MSA authorise the British Championships in all of the major disciplines of UK Motor Sport.

The above Championship has been operated successfully under contract with MSA for a number of years, however the contract expires at the end of 2006.

The MSA is therefore currently seeking proposals from interested parties to operate the above championship on its behalf from the 1st January 2007 - for a minimum period of three years.

Any interested parties should submit an Application that should cover at least the following:

1) The Championship Regulations.
2) The Championship Sporting Regulations.
3) Technical Regulations for the Championship.
4) Arrangements of the enforcement of the Technical Regulations.
5) The Championship format including but not limited to the following:
- The timetable of events.
- The number of events and organising clubs.
- The venues to be used.
- The duration of the events.
6) The MSA recognised Club (The Lead Club) for the Championship.
7) The sporting & technical officials of the Championship.
8) Full information as to the experience and financial standing of potential Championship organisers including their previous and current commercial activities, particularly if in similar or related roles.
9) How the Championships will be promoted.
10) Sponsorship of the Championship.
11) A plan for the Championship detailing returns & royalties that will be received by the Motor Sports Association.

Please note that all Championships must run under a permit issued to a recognised club (The Lead Club) by the MSA and are subject to a Championship permit fee as detailed in Appendix Z in the MSA yearbook.

All competitors and senior officials must be licensed by the MSA.

Events must take place on tracks/circuits licensed by the MSA.

Where a Championship involves competitors in full-time education then interested parties must demonstrate due consideration of those competitors` needs.

Applications should be delivered to the MSA at Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG no later than 12.00 noon on Friday June 2nd 2006, marked for the attention of Bruce Goddard, Business Development Director.

It is anticipated that, following a review of all applications received, the MSA will be able to announce the successful applicants during early July 2006.

Any further enquiries regarding these Championships should be addressed to Bruce Goddard at the MSA: