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MSA Rallies Committee outlines progress on revised K37 regulations
The review and subsequent introduction of revised regulations will align the UK more closely with the world governing body`s regulations and will help to prevent the potential exposure of the sport in an increasingly litigious age.

The Committee has established the key principles to allow detailed workings to be completed in time for presentation to Motor Sports Council in September. After this, the proposed changes will be put out to consultation, enabling further modification if necessary before the new rules are ratified by Council in 2007.

The new rules will not come into effect for new build cars before 1 January 2009. All existing vehicles remain eligible until 1 January 2010 and this will be further reviewed during 2007/8. However, those vehicles defined in sections d) and e) below will become ineligible from 1 January 2010.

a) Eligibility:
i) Cars that are currently or have been homologated in Groups A (including WRC) or N or corresponding earlier groups
ii) Series Production Cars
iii) Low volume specialist production cars
b) Minimum weights requirements on all vehicles to be defined
c) Revised wheel & tyre diameters and widths to be defined
d) One off or very low volume cars not permitted
e) Space frame ‘clones` not permitted

a) Motorcycle engines not permitted
b) Series Production Engines maximum capacities to be permitted are:-
i) 2.0 ltr turbo
ii) 2.5 ltr non turbo 4 valve/cylinder, max six cylinders
iii) 3.0 ltr non turbo 2 valve/cylinder, max. six cylinders
(including Metro 6R4s to current MSA specifications)
Diesel iv) 2.5ltr Turbo or non-turbo
(Categories ii) to iv) above, align with current FIA Art: 255)
c) Type of induction original to the vehicle to be maintained
d) Maximum engine capacity increase to be +25% of the largest option for that model
e) Specialist engines i.e. Millington/Hart/Wilcox/QED/Cosworth etc, to be limited to four cylinder, 2.5 litre, normally aspirated, with restrictor
f) Power output to be limited to approximately 300 HP
g) Only fuel as set down in Section P of the MSA Competitors` Yearbook permitted

Drive trains
Allow conversion from Front Wheel Drive to Rear Wheel Drive and/or Four Wheel Drive within the vehicle structure modifications applied by the FIA for Rallycross, WRC & Super 2000 cars (as detailed in FIA Art: & Drawings 279 - 1&2.)

“We have had very productive discussions in recent weeks,” says John Richardson, Chairman of the Rallies Committee. “While there is a lot of work still to complete, we have established the principles that we think will form the basis of the new regulations. We are moving much closer to the FIA`s regulations in many areas, which has to be beneficial for rallying within the UK.

“The Stage Rally Technical Working Group and the MSA Rallies Committee believe that this review is timely and will lay the foundations for the future of special stage rallying for the next decade and beyond, in a well regulated, controlled and safe manner. We will take the full proposals to Council in September, after which there will be plenty of time for people to have their input before ratification in 2007.”

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association said: “We have taken the unprecedented step of releasing this information before it has been to Council because there is such a high level of interest in these discussions. We need to ensure that people know what is being discussed and are reassured that nothing will be brought in without due care and consideration.”