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MSA Scrutineers to undertake fuel testing
The governing body`s eligibility scrutineers will be appointed to events throughout the country to take random fuel samples from competitors. It is a concerted effort to clamp down on the illegal fuels currently thought to pervade the sport at all levels.

“We are well aware of the current disregard of the regulations,” says Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. “It`s not a problem confined to one discipline, but the nature of stage rallying means that this is one of the most critical areas for our initial activity.

"This initiative is designed to re-establish a level playing field for all competitors and should have the added benefit of reducing costs considerably. Events and competitors alike are hugely supportive of this move, and we are deliberately giving everybody six months notice that this is coming into effect so that they can put their houses in order beforehand.”

Release MSA06-036: 30 June 2006

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