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National Court: Max Chilton - Inquiry
Max Chilton – Inquiry
The Court ordered T-Cars competitor Max Chilton to pay £1,000 in costs after an Inquiry into the declaration of results of a race at Snetterton on 13 August.

The Inquiry followed two previously unsuccessful appeals by Chilton to have an amended set of results – which showed him in second place behind championship rival Luciano Bachetta – overturned in his favour.

Chilton had claimed he should be declared the winner as per the original set of results. He said that the amended results, showing him in second behind Bachetta, were issued by officials after the specified time frame so should not be allowed.

But the Court heard that a number of circumstances had led to the issuing of the amended results being delayed. For instance, the time keepers were unable to issue them because they were otherwise engaged, overseeing the following races.

Bachetta was clearly in first position when the 15 minutes had elapsed – a fact accepted by all parties. However, the start-finish line marshal was experiencing difficulties – heavy rain meant his timing monitor was broken and, with Bachetta`s car rapidly approaching as the 15 minutes elapsed, he inadvertently held out the ‘Last Lap` board instead of waving the chequered flag to signal the end of the race. At the following bend, Bachetta crashed off the track and Chilton moved into first position, but with the track now waterlogged the event was almost immediately halted by trackside marshals waving red flags under instruction from officials.

The Court ordered that the race results be declared final and that Bachetta be confirmed as the race winner ahead of Chilton.

Court Chairman Tony Scott-Andrews said: “The T-Cars Championship is for young competitors, in other words those between the ages of 14 and 17 years. One assumes those guiding their careers in motor sport give heed to sporting matters. In this particular case it was accepted by all parties that the car which had covered the greatest distance and which crossed the line immediately after the expiration of the 15 minutes race period was Bachetta.

“This tribunal wonders therefore what satisfaction a young competitor would have in achieving a race win by virtue of the application within this tribunal of an interesting, albeit somewhat contrived, interpretation of the regulations and what lessons he would derive from it. One can only hope that commercial considerations do not prevail over pure sportsmanship at this level of motor sport.”