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National Court: 17 July 2007
The Court heard that Stilp had accrued more than 12 penalty points on his competition licence. He had already served one month of an automatic three-month suspension.

But the Court accepted that Stilp and his family risked exceptional hardship if he served the full suspension. A three-month suspension meant he would effectively miss the remainder of his two championships and be unable to make an impression. The Stilps feared their son, a leading contender in Cadets, may be ‘dropped` by the Zip Kart team and lose associated subsidies that it offered, plus the support of personal sponsors.

Stilp`s suspension, said his family, also meant he had missed out on a karting public relations opportunity with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton at the British F1 Grand Prix. This had led to upsetting remarks at school.

In reducing his suspension, the Court warned Stilp that the remaining six weeks would be suspended pending his good behaviour. Any wrong-doing during that period would instantly result in him being suspended for a further six weeks. It also advised him against retaliating should any rival competitor, knowing his situation, seek to provoke him into a reaction that could lead to a further suspension.

Stilp will have his licence – with all points erased – returned to him on 30 July.

Release MSA07-047: Thursday 19 July 2007