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Motor Sports Council report – September 2007
• The creation of the Volunteer Officials Advisory Panel – as originally announced in February – was confirmed, and the chairman of this group will become a member of the MSA Motor Sports Council from next year.

• Regulation E12.16.7: Exhaust catalytic converters must be fitted to all production based touring, saloon and sports cars, including specialist production and kit cars, manufactured after 31/12/99, from 1st January 2009 and for newly registered championships from 1 January 2008. They may be specified for certain other formulae.

• Regulation J20.14.8: FIA-homologated rear warning lights will be compulsory in all race events from 1 January 2008 in order to ensure that visibility is improved in poor weather conditions.

• Regulation N1.5: The introduction of Tyro Kart Events has proved extremely popular and from January 2008 a new Junior Tyro category will be created for 11 to 16 year olds with engines not exceeding 10hp per kart. This should allow a junior ‘starter` class to encourage the transfer from arrive and drive to MSA karting, particularly given the recent increase in interest in karting.

• Regulation N12.2.1 and E2.15.12: In the upgrading of a kart licence, competitors will, from next season, be able to count up to three signatures from NatSKA (National Schools Karting Association) meetings held under an MSA permit, to encourage further progression from NatSKA to MSA karting.

• Regulation S3.2 and S3.3: Following a thorough review by the Medical Advisory Panel, the regulations concerning minimum medical requirements and facilities have been overhauled in accordance with modern day medical practice.

• Entrant`s Licences: From 1st January 2008, all entrants must be in possession of the appropriate Entrant`s Licence for an event in which they are participating. The entrant is the legal entity who is responsible for all acts and/or omissions of the driver/co-driver or any person connected with the entry. Entrant`s Licences range from International Open (valid for all events inside and outside the UK) to Club Entrant (valid for UK National Events only).

• The Technical Advisory Panel, in association with the specialist Committees, has completely reviewed the technical definitions to ensure that they are up to date and that they are in agreement with FIA definitions as appropriate.

• Production Car Trials has been renamed and will henceforth be known as Car Trials.

The MSA Chief Executive`s report, designed to keep Council members up to date with the activities of the Motor Sports Association, together with that of the Regional Committee, outlined many areas of on-going interest:

• The Club Development Fund has passed the £500,000 mark for grants made, to projects worth more than £2.6m
• The new Rescue Development Fund, launched this year, has already granted more than £27,000 to projects worth nearly £100,000
• Negotiations with the Forestry Commission over access charges are progressing well and should be concluded shortly
• The MSA is investing heavily in additional staff and technology within the licensing department to deliver a more efficient service for competitors and to ensure that this year`s renewals process is significantly improved
• The first ‘Women in Motor Sport` forum was to be held on 13th September at Motor Sports House
• The first meeting of the new ‘Next Generation` forum – which is designed to give those people under 25 years of age a dedicated voice within the sport – will be held on 3rd October at Motor Sports House
• The MSA is evaluating the administrative process to provide ‘free` first-time licences to under-16s as previously announced and details will be confirmed shortly
• Congratulations were also given to all those involved with BAJA GB 2007 for the success of last month`s event.

For further details on any of the above items, please contact Ben Taylor.

Release MSA07-055: 19 September 2007