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MSA ‘Next Generation` forum meets for the first time
The forum was made up of 18 volunteers, all less than 25 years of age, each of whom had been nominated to attend, either by their motor club or by individuals within the sport.

The agenda for the first meeting started by determining the make-up of the forum and then established what the objectives of the group should be, before turning attention to identifying some of the pressing issues that are facing young people in motor sport today.

“There was a huge amount of good work coming out of the group,” confirmed Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association. “Inevitably, it started quite slowly as people got used to being in front of a big group of their peers, but after they warmed up they were able to contribute very effectively.”

The session was chaired by Gavin Miller, Director of the Inside Line, who commented: “We undertook a number of exercises during the day and as well as identifying the issues that were affecting them as individuals, we were impressed by the way they were also able to recognise the wider context and consider the challenges faced by young people coming into the sport.”

The outputs from the first meeting will be presented to the MSA Council in March.