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MSA invites tenders for kart development programme
Building on the recent success of Lewis Hamilton and the associated growth of interest in karting, the MSA believes that the provision of subsidised opportunities to get behind the wheel will lead many more youngsters to experience the sport at an early age.

The governing body has already set aside a budget to support the scheme and is now inviting submissions from parties interested in putting the initiative together.

Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive:
"We know that the sport needs to connect with young people early in their lives before other sports and hobbies take over. Motor sport is exciting but many people don`t know where to go to gain that first taste of the sport, so we need to make it as easy as possible to have a go.

"We have approved the funding and are now looking for the right person, or organisation, to make this scheme a reality. We envisage that the successful tender will utilise the existing infrastructure of clubs and venues where appropriate and work with the karting community to create as many opportunities as possible for young people to get behind the wheel."

This initiative is part of the MSA`s on-going promotional drive to encourage more people into motor sport. It follows the announcement that all competitors under 16 years of age will receive their first MSA competition licence free of charge from January 2008 and further announcements will be made before the end of the year, including a major campaign to take motor sport opportunities to the wider population.

Release MSA07-066: 9 November 2007