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The MSA has concluded that an immediate amendment is required to the MSA 2008 Kart Race Yearbook (the "Gold Book") in order to deal with this unprecedented situation which the MSA considers to be a force majeure.

Therefore, the MSA makes the following amendment to the Gold Book with immediate effect:-

Regarding engine lubrication under A2.1.2 competitors may also use those oils specified in the CIK list of homologated lubricants, shown below.

In addition, the homologation fiche for the W60 Comer engine as referred to in A2.1 of the Gold Book is amended with immediate effect in so far as the following items are concerned:-

a) The replacement of the original pressure spring (part number R33) with an alternative spring is permitted.

b) The use of components from the Tillotson diaphragm kit DG-1HL is permitted.

c) The use of the Tillotson needle and seat 233-665 is permitted.

d) A single in-line fuel filter is permitted.

e) Where the Tryton carburettor is used then it may be fitted to the engine in a downward facing position i.e. fuel pipe fitting at the bottom.

Further, competitors are reminded that the use of the Tillotson carburettor HL 166B is currently permitted by the Gold Book for club meetings unless otherwise stated in Championship Regulations.(Gold Book A2.1.1). and as a point of clarification MSA considers all kart meetings to be club meetings.

Motor Sports Association

4th June 2008


Manufacturer Name Reference

Abderhalden AG Harapol, Kart 321 Racing 2T 180041/01

Abderhalden AG Harapol, Kart 322 Racing 2T 180041/02

Bel-Ray Company, Inc. GK-2 Synthetic 2T Racing Kart Oil 170377/01

BP Castrol K.K. BP Racing formula KT 170349/01

Castrol Castrol XR 77 2 Stroke 170363/01

Castrol Castrol Kart K-997 2 Stroke 170363/02

Cogelsa Global Racing Oil (GRO) Kart-2 180058/01

Denicol Syn 100 Two Stroke 170335/01

Dilube SA SIL Lubricants SIL Kart 2T Compétition 170331/01

ENI S.p.A. Agip Kart 2T 170428/01

ENI S.p.A. Agip Kart 2TS 170428/02

ERG Petroli SpA ERG-K-Kart Formula 170398/01

Exced di Carbone Nunzio Exced RSK 170421/01

Exced di Carbone Nunzio Exced RSK Evolution 100 170421/02

Evolex Co Ltd Evolex R2 170390/01

Fuchs Lubricants (UK) Plc Silkolene Pro KR2 170361/02

Fuchs Lubricants (UK) Plc Silkolene Pro 2 170361/01

GM Motorsport Srl GM Oil TSK1 Synthetic Oil 170380/02

Gucciardi Kart Gucciardi Kart KR1 Motor Oil 170408/01

HP2 Laboratoire HP2 Phenix Triboxy-Line 809HP 170406/01

Igol France 2 Temps Kart 170383/01

Igol France Propuls Compétition STS-R 170383/02

J.W.K. Betriebsberatung GmBH Kart Care Combat Tmax 180016/01

Lexoil Formula Products Lexoil Racing Castor 202 170405/01

Lexoil Formula Products Lexoil Racing Synthese 996 170405/03

Maroil Srl Bardahl RMC Kart Synthetic Oil 170394/01

Motor Point SAS Syntower Synthetic P7 170374/01

Motul Motul Kart Grand Prix 2T 170373/01

Petromark Automotive BV PM Xeramic Castor Evolution 2T / Kart Racing Oil 170345/01

Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH Ravenol Racing Kart 2T 170359/01

Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp. Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp. Two-Cycle Kart Oil 170420/01

Shell Global Solutions GmbH Shell Advance Racing M 170329/02

Shell Global Solutions GmbH Shell Advance Racing X 170329/01

Solda` Vladimiro SpA Wladoil Racing K2T 170389/01

Syneco S.p.A. Syneco SpA / K111 Corse FIK 170365/01

The Energy & Power Nanotechnology Company Nanoil LP-16 racing formula 170378/01

Total France ELF/HTX 909 170366/01

Total France ELF/HTX 976 170366/02

Unil Opal Unil Opal Karting Competition 100% Synt. 170338/01

Valvoline Europe Valvoline Racing 2T 170353/01

Wako Chemical Co. Ltd Wako`s 2CR 170326/01

Yacco SAS Yacco MVX Compétition 2T 170354/01