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Kart statement
The Kart Regional Committee has reviewed the regulations for the starting age in the Junior classes, particularly MiniMax, Junior TKM and Junior Blue.

It had been generally understood that after a revision of the Competitors Yearbook K.115 and K.116 in 2005/6 and a decision by the Kart Regional Committee in late 2007 the age limit had been lowered to the year of 11th birthday for experienced drivers. However the class regulations only referred to K.116 which stipulates the age limit as the 11th birthday and no application for change was formally noted to the MSA.

The Kart Regional Committee decided by a majority vote, with none against, to clarify that the minimum age is the 11th birthday. The 2009 MSA Kart Race Yearbook regulations will show this. The committee took into account the size of the karts being used, and that drivers are now able to remain in the Cadet classes until the end of the year of their 13th birthday.

The committee also confirmed that drivers holding International C licences could not race in Junior Max prior to their 13th birthday. The committee noted that the MiniMax class was available to such drivers and that any change in age could adversely affect that class.

Dated 25th September 2008