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Prince Michael Award of Merit presented to Northern Ireland`s Colin Rossborough
The Prince Michael Award of Merit is the Motor Sports Association`s most prestigious individual award. Although the Motor Sports Council (the sporting commission of the Motor Sports Association) has the power to make this award annually to a maximum of two recipients, it is only given out when `a meritorious service to British motor sport` is judged to have been served.

Colin Rossborough has been awarded the 2007 HRH Prince Michael Award of Merit for his devotion to motor sport over many years.

In the late 1980s Colin held a MSA Rally Licence and competed in Navigation Rallies, however he started in motor sport as an organiser and his interest remained there progressing more and more into training and then to Rescue. He qualified as an MSA Training Instructor in 1992 and became heavily involved in Rescue in 1997, becoming a Unit Chief in 1998. In 1993 he joined the MSA Rescue Panel, lending his expertise for the benefit of the whole sport, and in this role he conducted Rescue assessments for the MSA throughout the UK.

Colin`s primary impact has however been on the Northern Ireland motor sport scene, although he has had the occasional foray to officiate at events in Scotland. In Northern Ireland he has instigated and assisted in the set up of several Rescue Crews and Rescue Vehicles, he has trained almost everyone involved in Rescue in this jurisdiction and is a tireless advocate of this branch of the sport.

It is fitting that Colin`s dedication, effort and perseverance throughout his life to, and on behalf of motor sport is now being recognised by the Prince Michael Award of Merit, as he has recently retired and plans to emigrate to Canada to live with his family.

On receiving the award, Mr Rossborough said:
"To be honoured in the company of all these important people is extraordinary for me and I am truly humbled. I never got into the sport to gain recognition; I`ve had many years of fantastic enjoyment and fun and to receive such a prestigious award is a huge surprise. It will be strange to leave behind all the great friends I`ve made in the last 30 years and I would like to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement throughout my motor sport career."

Colin Rossborough was nominated for the award by retiring Council member and former chairman of ANICC, Robert Harkness, who said:
"Energetic, motivated and tireless are words often used optimistically in job specifications but in Colin`s case they really do describe his approach to motorsport since I first met him and he has had a major impact on motor sport activity in Northern Ireland.

"During my years as Chairman of the Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs, where Colin was a delegate, I could count on two types of input from Colin. At `Dates Meetings` he gave constant and frequent reminders to clubs of the limited Rescue resources that would be available on any given date - and this was maybe eighteen months in the future. At almost every `full` meeting Colin managed to find something about Rescue to bring up under `Any Other Business` - frequently to achieve little other than make sure that `Rescue` was kept to the fore, and that was his intention.

"Many people could be said to have devoted a lifetime to motor sport as competitors or organisers. Few people have done so in what might be termed the ancillary support elements that generally go pretty well un-noticed and unrecognised. Colin Rossborough has done exactly this for Training and Rescue and is a very worthy recipient of the Prince Michael Award of Merit."

Editors` note: The terms of the Prince Michael Award of Merit are well defined and strictly adhered to in considering nominations. The qualification of `meritorious service` encompasses the following definitions: distinguished services or significant contribution to British motor sport; outstanding achieving in British motor sports; a conspicuous or exemplary act of bravery or courage or heroism while competing in or officiating at a British motor sport event. People ineligible to receive this award are: current members of the Motor Sports Council; directors and staff of the Royal Automobile Club; directors and staff of the Motor Sports Association; those who earn or who have earned their living principally through motor sports.

The previous winners of the Prince Michael Award of Merit are:
1991 Jack Romain
1992 Tony Bird
1993 Peter Cooper & Tony Fletcher
1994 John Felix & George Hall
1995 Brian Molyneux
1996 Tom Dooley & Dick Newsum
1997 Alec Rivers-Fletcher & Donald Grieve
1998 Michael Fenwick & Keith Douglas
2000 Bob Rae
2002 Tony Reynolds
2004 Ken Walker
2007 Colin Rossborough

Photography: High resolution images of Colin Rossborough receiving the Prince Michael Award of
Merit from Graham Stoker, Chairman of the MSA Council, are available on request.

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