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MSA unveils British Rally Elite programme to find `the next Burns and McRae`
Led by former World Rally Champion co-driver Robert Reid, MSA British Rally Elite is an ongoing programme to identify the most promising British talent at the top of the national rallying scene for nurture and support as potential future champions. The scheme has been developed in association with some of the most respected names in British rallying and will be operated in partnership with the Sports Science Department at Edinburgh University.

Applicants are invited to apply online at and those selected for the scheme will embark on a two-year programme of training and development. The course content will ensure that the UK`s most promising talents will be in the best possible shape both mentally and physically to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves on the world stage.

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the MSA:

"It is essential that Britain is properly represented at the highest level in all disciplines of motor sport. The MSA is not government-funded, unlike some countries, so it is not possible to assist individuals financially and buy them competitive seats in the WRC. But what we can do is select promising individuals, provide them with meaningful training and development, and support their careers as they strive to make it to the top.

"We have been working on the development of this programme for over a year and I am delighted with the outcome. It is particularly pleasing to witness the support from the wider rallying community for the initiative and that can only help to make it a success."

Robert Reid, MSA British Rally Elite Performance Director:

"It became clear about 18 months ago that Richard and Colin`s time at the top of the WRC was coming to a close, but the new generation seemed to be from other countries. We all felt that something had to be done to give our guys the best chance to fight on the world stage.

"To be a top class sportsman these days requires more than simply talent. The leading athletes in any sport have the all-round skills that enable them to overcome equally talented opponents. It`s about mental ability, psychology, physical preparation and personal development.

"I`m really excited about this whole project and I genuinely feel that we can help to provide the best possible chances for our drivers and co-drivers to make an impression on the world stage."

David Lapworth, Subaru World Rally Team Director and MSA British Rally Elite panel member:

"As a works WRC team, we need drivers who are ready to get in and drive at the highest level with no further personal development needed. The UK does not currently deliver such people and I am delighted to be involved with the MSA British Rally Elite programme in order to start to address this issue."

The details of the MSA British Rally Elite can be found in the attached documents.