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W.60 Engine Oil
These are synthetic oils meeting the requirements of the JASOFC standard to ensure that the exhaust emissions meet the standard set down by the MSA. These oils are supplied with a marker to enable identification at both club and national level racing.

As from 1st March these two oils will be the only types of engine lubricant legal for racing in the W.60 Cadet class. They are:

  • Kart Tech FC produced by Elf - retail price £11.89 + VAT per litre.
  • Super FC, produced by Shell - retail price £12.25 + VAT per litre.

Both products have been extensively track and dyno tested to be approved by the UK Comer distributor as suitable for use with the Comer W.60 engine. These oils will be distributed by both Atol and Zip Kart.